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Best Windows and Doors based on quality and cost in Simi Valley CA.

Type of Window and Doors Matter?

Do you need to look for big brand name windows to get a good window? What about those smaller business brands? Branding does matter, in particular, because while there are hundreds of window companies, it is a very fragmented industry. Simi Valley CA. home owners have trusted Nu-Star Glass and Mirror for over 35 years. 

Choosing the right business for your windows and doors will nearly always ensure a certain minimum level of quality. Older, established window and doors companies have remained in business not by gouging or cheating customers in the short-term but by providing a reasonably consistent product over years if not decades. If Nu-Star Glass and Mirror had put out a bad product or provide poor customer service they would not have been in business for over 35 years. Also, if a customer was not happy Nu-Star Glass and Mirror has consistently honored their warranty to ensure all customers our satisfied. 

It is important to remember that even if you do not care about window company brand names, other people might. When it comes time to sell your house, some real estate agents like to stress certain attractive brand names that may be found throughout the house, from appliances to flooring to windows. So it can work to your advantage to have local brand name, particularly Nu-Star Glass and Mirror Milgard Windows and Doors, on your windows  and doors when it comes time to sell.

Best Major Brand Window Manufacturer

Jeld-Wen Jeld-Wen began operating in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1960, but like many other companies eventually shifted operations to North Carolina. Jeld-Wen has aggressively been buying and starting smaller fenestration-based businesses in the last decade, making it a multi-layered, commercial storefront doors, and glass door systems for Simi Valley CA businesses at Nu-Star Glass and Mirror for 3 decades.

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Milgard Windows and Doors at Nu-Star Glass and Mirror Simi Valley CA. 

When corporate conglomerates amass home-related companies, there is the danger that these smaller companies may lose their sense of identity and mission. For Milgard Windows, it helps that its corporate parent is Masco. Masco may not roll off of most tongues but many of its subsidiaries may: KraftMaid Cabinets, Merillat, Delta, KILZ, Behr paint, and, of course, Milgard. Milgard offers full lifetime warranties on all of its products. Unlike most window manufacturers, which rely on partner companies to supply them with glass, Milgard makes its own glass at its California plant. Milgard is one of few vertically integrated window companies. But because Milgard controls every step of the manufacturing process, high quality is ensured.

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